15+ WRX Pro-Fit Kit

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2x Projectors: Morimoto Mini H1 8.0
2x Bulbs: CN Light H1
2x Ballast: Hylux 2A88 Canbus
2x Plug n Play H11 input adapters
2x Brackets: 2015 and up Subaru WRX ( Halogen ) Specific
All Hardware: Automotive Grade Stainless
2x 100mm rubber housing caps
Headlight Sealant: Morimoto RetroRubber
High Beam splitters : 9005 Male > 9005-9006 Female
Warranty: Three Years

Finally! A true bolt-on bi-xenon projector upgrade kit for 2015+ WRX owners! This direct fit system has been designed to replace the halogen projectors inside the base WRX headlights for high performance bi-xenon projectors.


Perfection: Retrofit like a pro with our 2015+ WRX Pro-Fit brackets. Our Canadian made laser cut Stainless Steel brackets were designed to insure a precise fit without having to fuss over cutting, gluing or aligning. If that wasn't enough a notch at the top of the bracket insures a clean fit for the Morimoto RGB demon eyes.  Nailed it !


Morimoto Mini H1 8.0: Bi-xenon projectors: With the most modern optics, an optically clear lens, and their curved cutoff shield; The 8.0 will outshine almost every OEM HID projector on the market and go head to head with the legendary S2000 projectors! (which cost 3x as much, are much harder to retrofit, and don't even have a high beam) Their wide, uniformly lit low beam stays intense all the way to the outer limits. Their bi-xenon high beam provides an insane amount of additonal light on demand.


The Hylux 2A88 EU-Spec Canbus ballasts produce an industry-standard 35w of power which typically provides around 3200 lumens on a quality 4300K Bulb. They will accept a 9-16V range for input and will power all HID bulbs with industry-standard AMP connectors. They are compact and can fit most anywhere under the hood. No need to worry about moisture intrusion, as their shell is completely water resistant and the circuitry inside is protected by potting. Their powerful igniters are also capable of quick re-strikes without fail. Well designed circuitry and igniter setup results in a relatively fast warm up time for the HID bulbs when powered by a Hylux ballast, but without requiring much power.


CN Light: 'Rock Solid' is what best defines CNLight HID bulbs. No frills or fancy packaging, just honest performance and reliability for your money. Available in 3000k, 4300k, 5000k and 6000k. Fully compatible with Hylux ballast.


Weathertight: Because a proper retrofit needs to be sealed up, our kit comes with 100mm rubber dust caps that have pre-punched holes for the bulb wires and grommet to feed through. Included in the package the Retro-Rubber glue is the most effective solution to fight back against moisture-intrusion after resealing your headlights.


Accessorize:  While you're in there you might want to drop in some Morimoto XSB C lights , XSB or RGB Halos or even some bolt-on RGB demon eyes. Visit our 2015+ WRX & STI section.

Compatibility/ Tech Specs
Tech Specs


  • 4300K:Warm White
  • 5000K:Pure White
  • 6000K:Cool White


15+ WRX & STI with OEM Halogen headlights

Customize 15+ WRX Pro-Fit Kit
Morimoto Mini H1 8.0 Projector   + CA$89.10
AMP: HYLUX 2A88 35W CANBUS   + CA$47.25
Splitter: 9005 Male > 9005/9006 Female   + CA$10.35
RetroRubber Butyl Glue (Black)   + CA$22.50
Pro-Fit 2015+ WRX & STI (Brackets, Hardware and Housing caps)   + CA$51.30

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15+ WRX Pro-Fit Kit
15+ WRX Pro-Fit Kit

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