2015-17 WRX & STI: Profile Pivot LED C-Lights

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DRL BOARDS: Profile Pivot 15-17 WRX (Switchback)
DRIVERS: 2x Pivot
WIRING: T10 Input and 3M Blue Wire Taps

Finally! We'll probably never know what Subaru was thinking when they designed the "C" shape portion of the 2015-17 WRX-STI headlights. A lot was left on the table in terms of lighting intensity, uniformity and functionality. You asked for awesome "C" lights…We delivered ! Introducing the first true "C" shape light upgrade solution for the 2015-17 WRX-STI. These bad boys produce a super intense pure white light in "parking light" mode and flash amber when the turn signals are activated.

Redefining: The 2015-17 WRX-STI LED "C" shape lights are the culmination of every practical lesson learned since LED accent lighting hit the market. Flexibility. Reliability. Intensity. Uniformity. Simplicity. Functionality. Last but not least; affordability. Nothing has been sacrificed.


Flexibility: Built on a flexible ribbon-based circuit ( PCR type ) board that's got a side profile of less than one millimetre. These "C" lights are thin enough to fit behind the "C" shape diffuser yet still produce out enough light to be seen during sunny days.


Reliability: The innovative Hybrid-LED technology delivers a virtually infinite lifespan of 50,000 hours. That's almost six straight years! Because they're based on much more stable and mature SMD-LEDs; they are considerably more reliable between hot/cold cycles compared to "new" COB based halos/strips.


Simplicity: Wiring is easy with a variant of the X Change Module integrated into the LED driver that powers "C" shape light. The white wire receives a constant 12V+. The black wire is grounded, and the yellow wire can be tapped into the turn signal circuit to use the switchback feature.


Daytime running lights: Though they come out of the box ready to run as a switchback system.The 2015-17 WRX-STI LED "C" lights can also be wired as Daytime Running Lights by using the Prolightz DRL harness. 

Compatibility/ Tech Specs
Tech Specs


  • LIT: 5500K (white mode)
  • COLOR WHEN OFF: Undetectible
  • RATED LIFESPAN: 50,000 hours
  • INPUT LENGTH: 89cm (35")
  • INPUT: T10 Male
  • SIGNAL TRIP: Included T-Tap


  • VEHICLES: 2015-17 Subaru WRX/STi
  • OEM HALOGEN: Wiring included
  • OEM LED: Wiring Included
  • RECOMMENDED: RetroRubber Sealant
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2015-17 WRX & STI: Profile Pivot LED C-Lights
2015-17 WRX & STI: Profile Pivot LED C-Lights

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