Circuit Demon Profile Prism X-Halos

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Included in this kit is:

-2 Circuit Demon Profile Prism 80mm X-Halos

-2 Circuit Demon LED Drivers with Turn Signal Input

-Optional Morimoto XBT Bluetooth Controller and Morimoto Retrorubber

If you're looking for a unique look for your headlights, these Circuit Demon X halos are bound to set your ride apart from the others!


The Circuit Demon Profile halos and their drivers have been tuned to produce an amazingly clear, neutral white, amber ( in turn signal mode ), and every other color in the spectrum for that matter. When paired up with the Morimoto XBT Controller & smart phone app, these produce very accurate colors...reds, blues, greens, teals, purples, name it!


These are built from 80mm halos with the 4 "legs" of the X at 90mm, allowing them to fit on both 80 and 90mm applications. *These are a universal fit part, intended for a custom fit by a professional OR seasoned DIYer*.

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Circuit Demon Profile Prism X-Halos
Circuit Demon Profile Prism X-Halos

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140,00 $CA