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TRIED AND TRUE: The AMP Denso Slim 35W HID ballasts have been around for years but as the saying goes; "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" as there's virtually no room for improvement.


IN HOUSE: Converted with brand new "AMP" output's - we give you the ability to use these awesome 35W HID ballasts with bulbs that they weren't originally designed for. Now, you can use them with any re-based HID bulb such as 9006, H1, H7, H11 etc.


OEM KINDA GUY: Great choice for those "OEM or nothin!" kind of guys who need a set of OEM HID ballasts to power their new projector retrofit or HID system. The AMP: Denso Slims are found under the hood of many modern Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, and Porsche vehicles as part of the original-equipment HID system - if these big names trust them, so should you.


BUT WAIT: With all this good, what about the bad? Well, OEM HID ballasts are designed to be mounted completely or partially inside of a headlight housing, so their shell is not naturally water-proof, and if they get wet, their warranty will be void. You can protect your investment with our optional OEM Ballast Potting Service, which makes their electronics impenetrable to moisture damage.


NOTE: If you waterproof them yourself, the warranty is VOID! This video explains some of the ups and downs of OEM HID Ballasts.


GOOD DEAL: These like-new ballasts are cleaned, tested and re-certified in house to ensure perfection functionality. 


LEAD TIME: Please note that because these are hand-built to order, these ballasts may take up to an additional 8-10 business days to ship.



  • BALLASTS: 2x AMP-Converted Denso Slim 35W
  • INPUT WIRING: 2x 9006 Male Input Adapters
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year (void if moisture damage)



  • TOYOTA / LEXUS PART: DDLT002 85967-50020 031100-0170
  • HID BULBS: Any with "AMP" style inputs
  • HARNESSES: All with "9006" female outputs
  • VEHICLES: All with 12V Electrical systems



  • OUTPUT WATTAGE: 35W +/- 1%
  • MAX OUTPUT: 25KV on Ignition