OE Replacement: Mitsubishi W003T22071
OE Replacement: Mitsubishi W003T22071
OE Replacement: Mitsubishi W003T22071

OE Replacement: Mitsubishi W003T22071

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BALLAST: 1x Mitsubishi W003T22071 OE Replacement

Warranty: 1 Year

  • Expédié en 3 à 5 jours ouvrables
  • Expédition gratuite au Canada sur les commandes de plus de 100$

OEM Grade: The Mitsubishi W003T22071 ballasts are original equipment on many modern Audi/VW vehicles that come with factory HID headlights.

Unfortunately: Headlight ballasts, like most car parts have a rated lifespan and sometimes don't even make it that long. Replacing them outside of warranty is never cheap either! This part usually runs about $400 from the dealership...ouch!

Good as New! This replacement ballast is designed to meet/exceed all OE specifications and will be a direct replacement for the factory unit. It is not OEM but fits and functions identically for a fraction of the price!

Save Yourself: Most headlight ballasts and bulbs are rated at 2000 hours of run time and if one just went out, chances are the others aren't far behind. Save yourself the hassle of taking off the bumper again, removing the headlamp, and just replace everything at the same time!

Notice: Certain makes and models may use different OEM HID ballasts depending on the production date and/or trim level. It is always best to double check and match the part used on your actual vehicle to ensure compatibility. While we are glad to make any exchanges, we are not responsible for mis-information if you purchase the wrong unit.




RATED LIFESPAN: 2,000 hours

MITSUBISHI PART: X6T02981, W3T11371, W3T10471, W3T15671, D391510H3

HONDA/ACURA PART: 33119-S0K-A10, 33109-S0K-A02

ACURA TL: 2002-2005

ACURA TSX: 2004-2005

HONDA S2000: 2004-2008

MAZDA 3: 2002-2005