Mini Gatling Gun (Black)-S11
Mini Gatling Gun (Black)-S11
Mini Gatling Gun (Black)-S11
Mini Gatling Gun (Black)-S11
Mini Gatling Gun (Black)-S11
Mini Gatling Gun (Black)-S11


Mini Gatling Gun (Black)

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Shroud: 2x Gloss Black Mini Gatling Gun Projector Shroud

Warranty: 5 Years

  • Expédition gratuite au Canada sur les commandes de plus de 150$

Mini Gatling Gun: The Mini Gatling Gun is a smaller version of the popular Gatling Gun design, made for use exclusively with the Morimoto Mini H1 bi-xenon projectors. Since it won't fit anything else, they're automatically included with those projectors by default. The chrome mini gats have been a staple in our catalog forever, and now by popular demand - a beautiful piano black version for the taking!

In Comparison: Don't make the mistake of thinking all shrouds are created equal. Even though less expensive alternatives may be available elsewhere: Morimoto shrouds are made from the highest quality plastic and have by far the most durable painted finishes. The cheap-o's out there are flimsy enough to deform from the heat just a 35W HID bulb, and their finish easily flakes off.

Mounting: could not be any easier with the Mini Gatling Gun shrouds. Four internal posts line up to the bolt pattern on the mid-section of any generation Morimoto Mini H1 projector, so they'll bolt right up!

LED Halos: Are a unique and effective way to further customize the look of your projector retrofit. The Profile Pivot (switchback) and Profile Pixel (RGB) systems are easy to mount on the front of your shrouds, are reliable, and of course awesome looking. To determine which size is best for you - check out the size-guide in the "In Action" images section below.

Trimming: Please note that trimming shrouds is a common task when retrofitting. Whether required to clear part of the projector, or fit within the geometry of your headlight housing; it's normal. Luckily, they're made of plastic - making that easily possible. We recommend a Dremel hand tool with EZ Lock cutting wheels to make the job easy.

Dimensions: 92mm DIA, 52mm D

Finish: Gloss Black Paint

Halo Size: 70mm (Front)

MORIMOTO PROJECTORS: Mini H1 (All Generations)

ACME PROJECTORS: Standard H1, Super H1


MOUNTS WITH: Screws (not included)