Mini Graphite Shrouds


Mini Graphite: One of the available "standard" options for the Morimoto Mini H1 bi-xenon projectors, these unique looking shrouds are composed of translucent smoked gray plastic that glows when the lights are on. 

In Comparison: Don't make the mistake of thinking all shrouds are created equal. Even though less expensive alternatives may be available elsewhere: our shrouds are made from the highest quality plastic and have by far the most durable metalized chrome finishes. The cheap-o's out there are flimsy enough to deform from the heat just a 35W HID bulb, and their chrome finish easily flakes off.

LED Halos: Are a unique and effective way to further customize the look of your projector retrofit. The all new XSB LED (switchback) and XC LED (RGB) systems are easy to mount on the front of your shrouds, are reliable, and of course, awesome looking. These shrouds feature a unique translucent material that will glow with light if you wanted to do something a bit different and mount the halos inside.

Trimming: Please note that trimming shrouds is a common task when retrofitting. Whether required to clear part of the projector, or fit within the geometry of your headlight housing; it's normal. Luckily, they're made of plastic - making that easily possible. 


  • Pair: Mini Graphite Shrouds


  • TRS Projectors: Morimoto Mini H1 Bi-xenon
  • OEM Projectors: None
  • Lens Diameters: 2.5


  • Height: 88mm (3.52 inches)
  • Width: 100mm (4.00 inches)
  • Depth: 57mm (2.30 inches)

  • Interior: 80mm
  • Front Face: 80mm