D2S: Hylux A2030 35W


STANDARDS: The Hylux A2030 D2S ballasts produce an industry-standard 35w of power which typically provides around 3200 lumens on a quality 4300K Bulb. They will accept a 9-16V range for input and will power all HID bulbs with industry-standard D2S connectors.


CONVENIENT: They are compact and can fit most anywhere under the hood. No need to worry about moisture intrusion, as their shell is completely water resistant.


POWERFUL: Their powerful igniters are also capable of quick re-strikes without fail. Well designed circuitry and igniter setup results in a relatively fast warm up time for the HID bulbs when powered by a Hylux ballast, but without requiring much power. Non-CanBus: The A2030 D2S ballast is a Non-Canbus ballast


BACKED: By a full Three-Year warranty from the manufacturer, you know they're putting their money where their mouth is. If these ballasts fail under warranty, you're covered!



  • BALLASTS: 2x Hylux A2030 D2S 35W
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years



  • HID BULBS: Any with “D2S” style input
  • VEHICLES: All with 12-24V electrical systems



  • A2030 9V~32V
  • Suggest only use for 12V vehicles
  • Input Voltage:9V~32V
  • Working Current:3.5A(DC 12.4V)
  • Start current:
  • fast start 7-9A(with a blue ring on the connector),
  • slow start 5-6A for choices
  • Output Power:35W