Matsushita GEN V


OEM Ballasts


An updated version of the extremely popular Gen IV model, the Gen V has their 3rd gen Igniter and a smaller footprint than most any OEM ballast on the market.

Compared to the Denso ballasts we sell, the Matsushita has a smaller footprint and a considerably longer output cord made possible by relocating the igniters.

The Matsushita's are found under the hood of many modern Nissan, Infiniti, and Subaru vehicles as part of the original-equipment HID system.

They're perfect for use in a HID headlight retrofit or replacing an old worn-out unit in your stock xenon headlights.

With all this good, what about the bad? Well, OEM ballasts are designed to be mounted completely or partially inside of a headlight housing, so their shell is not water-proof without your help.




  • 2x Matsushita Gen V Ballasts (D2S)
  • Wiring: 9006 Female Power Pigtails
  • Brackets: Coated Aluminum
  • Warranty: Two Year (excludes moisture damage)


  • Bulbs: (HID) D2S/D2R
  • Input Style: Industry standard "9006" Plug
  • Output Style: Industry standard "D2" Socket (P32-D)
  • Part Number:LENA00L8D2A0508 or NZMNS111LBNA


  • Compact clutter-free design with integrated igniters
  • Protected against the elements with a gel-coated circuit board
  • Functional braided mesh protects wiring and prevents electromagnetic interference
  • Attractive body finished in gloss black and polished aluminum
  • Cooling fins built in to help shed heat for extra longevity
  • Serviceable igniter cord is removable from ballast in case of failure


  • Length: 100mm (4.08 inches)
  • Width: 100mm (4 inches)
  • Thickness: 31mm (1.25 inches)
  • Output Length: 25cm (10 inches)
  • Bulb Socket Depth: 30mm (1.2 inches)


  • Accurate output varies no more than +/- .5W (true 35w)
  • Fast warm-up speed offers near instant intensity
  • Advanced software regulates hardware for ideal performance
  • Efficient design consumes less power to start and operate

  • Input: AC85V 12V DC
  • Output: 35 watts
  • Rated life: 2000 hours (5-8 years)