Morimoto D1S > D2S Igniter

Morimoto D1S > D2S Igniter

EVERYBODY: knows the most desirable projectors are based on D2S bulbs, so just because your vehicle came factory equipped with a boring D1S setup, don't get stuck into thinking it has to remain that way!


IGNITE: Since D1 bulbs have an integrated igniter and D2 do not, these add the missing element to that equation. Their integrated siemens igniters are the same variant used in the XB D2S ballasts and produce over 23KV, which is enough to reliably turn on your D2 bulbs in any climate.


MORIMOTO: Should have offered these years ago, but finally that time has come and not a moment too soon since there are so many vehicles using OEM D1 and D3 projectors these days.


PINNED: Specially for D1S ballasts and bulbs, please note that if you have a D3S based headlight setup, they will still work - but you will also need a set of these cables (since they're universal)

COMPATIBLE: With virtually all OEM D1S/D3S ballasts and D2S or D4S HID bulbs. The input on the igniter is the same as the standard input on the side of D1S bulb you're looking to replace.




  • IGNITERS: 2x D1/D3 > D2/D4 Adapters
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year




  • D1S BALLASTS: All with OE Outputs
  • D3S BALLASTS: All with Universal Outputs
  • D2S/D2R BULBS: All OEM / Aftermarket (P32-D)
  • D4S/D4R BULBS: All OEM / Aftermarket (P32-D)




  • RATED LIFESPAN: 2000 Hours (3-5 Years)