Acura TL Projectors


Bi-xenon Projectors


Worth It: Certainly not well known for being small and easy to retrofit or cheap, but boy are they worth it! Making one of the widest and brightest beam patterns for a bi-xenon, it's output is further enhanced beyond factory specs with the included ZKW-R clear lens upgrade

Performance: Few other designs can match the width, uniformity, and intensity produced by the TL's to begin with, but their full potential is really unleashed when the included 3" ZKW-R clear lenses are installed - with virtually no loss of intensity from side to side and more light throughout, the clear lenses take an already good projector and make it even better.

Installation Summary: Park car, mark stock beam-height on wall, disassemble headlight, cut original reflector to fit projector in place, re-mount modified headlights without lens cover, illuminate projector, then tack it into place using the reference height/level using epoxy gum. 

Buyer Beware: The projectors are not brand new, but unlike the one's you'll buy on eBay for a few bucks less - TRS guarantees you'll get a matching pair with all the clips, wires, etc, and without any performance-affecting damage inside the reflector bowls (very common for Acura projectors, beware!) 


  • 2x Projectors: Acura TL Bi-xenon
  • 2x Clear Lenses: ZKW-R (OEM are Installed)
  • 2x Solenoid Inputs: Sealed Male 9006 Pigtails
  • Warranty: Two Years


  • Functionality: Low and High Beam (Bi-xenon)
  • Traffic Patterns: LHD and RHD
  • Compatible With: 35W and 50W HID Systems
  • HID Bulb Size: D2S only

  • Lens Diameter: 3 inch
  • Max Depth: 159mm
  • Max Width: 108mm
  • Max Height: 112mm