Bi-Xenon Lexus RX-350

Bi-Xenon Projector

Available in limited quantities, please call or email for availability.

OEM and Beyond: When the Lexus RX350 Bi-xenons came out in 2010, they quickly climbed the totem poll to be regarded as one of the best performing bi-xenon projectors on the market. We happen to agree!

Popularity Contest: Their performance is more like an Acura TL bi-xenon, but their size is more like a Hella Bi-xenon - giving them much better than average light output in a smaller than average and more convenient size/shape.

Upgraded: As if their standard performance isn't enough, the optional STi-R clear lens upgrade can be added to maximize their performance potential through increased intensity and sharper, more vibrantly colored cutoff lines.

Tuned Up: Want the projectors to arrive pre-tuned to perfection? With the optional service, one of our techs will carefully disassemble your projectors, and re-build them with the clear lenses, cutoff shields, etc spaced & tuned to their sweet spots. Please allow one extra day for shipping.

Direct Fit: The RX350 NON-AFS Bi-xenons are also great for swaps into other 2010+ Toyota vehicles with factory halogen projectors. The "Non-AFS" version uses an identical bolt pattern, these are the big brother to many OEM equipment on newer Toyota's and thus should be easy replacements for the stock units.

Complete: Want to build a complete kit around one of these projectors? No problem! E-mail or call us today with your wish list and we'll gladly check compatibility and bundle something up for you.


  • 2x Projectors: Lexus RX350 Bi-xenon
    2x Solenoid Inputs: Koito / 9006 Male Pigtails
    Warranty: Three years


  • Functionality: Low and High Beam (Bi-xenon)
    Traffic Patterns: LHD and RHD
    Compatible With: 35W and 50W HID Systems

  • Max Height: 95mm
  • Max Width: 100mm
  • Max Depth: 145mm
  • Lens Diameter: 3 inch