Morimoto XB D2R HID Bulbs

Morimoto XB D2R HID Bulbs

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No Compromise: Looking for the absolute best performing D2R HID setup? The XB HID bulbs will deliver. Compatible with 35W and 55W: The XB's will produce more lumens, last longer, project farther, and look better doing it.


Luminosity: At the heart of the XB D2R bulbs is their perfectly aligned 100% Philips Quartz glass that houses a capsule from APL-USA. Using high quality halide salts from German-supplier Messer; the bulbs produce nearly the same luminosity (intensity) as the amazing Osram CBI bulbs at 5500K. No, you're not seeing things here, but yes you will be seeing everything at night. In our comparison to the big brands; Morimoto's XB capsule (used on all XB Bulbs) ran with the best of em!


Long Life: The Austrian-sourced Plansee electrodes help keep the bulbs running brighter for longer. Compared to a Philips bulb for example, that will lose 14% of it's luminosity after 200 hours of use, the XB's will lose just 17% - which is unheard of for an aftermarket bulb.


Precise Alignment: A OEM-like metal frame surrounds the base of the glass capsule keeping everything properly lined up, which is even more important than anything else when it comes to HID bulbs. The resulting uniform distribution of light and well-defined beam limits will certainly stand out in comparison.


Reliability: Not that we recommend this for any HID bulb, but go ahead and fire it up 100 times in a row or even run it underwater for days at a time and the difference between the XB and any so called "competition" will be clear. These bulbs will even work with OEM Nissan/Infiniti (Matsushita) ballasts, which are notorious for discriminating against anything aftermarket.


Value: When it comes to aftermarket HID bulbs, the saying "you pay for what you get" has never been more appropriate, but in comparison to something like the superb Osram CBI or Philips XV D2R bulbs, the bang for the buck here is absolutely unbeatable.



  • Bulbs: D2R Morimoto XB HID (Pair)
  • Warranty: Two Years
  • Misc: Alcohol wipes (to clean bulbs before use)


  • Bulb Size: D2R (Reflector HID Fitment)
  • Rated Lifespan: 2000 hours
  • Rated Wattage: 35w and 55w

  • 4K Range:Warm White (~3200 lm)
  • 5K Range:Pure White (~3300 lm)
  • 6K Range:Cool White (~3200 lm)
  • With 55w Ballasts:(+20% Lm) (-1000K)