Morimoto XB D4S XenGreen HID Bulbs

Morimoto XB D4S XenGreen HID Bulbs

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The Morimoto XB XenGreen D4S bulbs are a perfect upgrade or replacement for many Toyota / Lexus systems using mercury-free D4 HID headlamps

With a variety of flavors available, there is a XB XenGreen D4S for every taste! Available in an OEM HID colored 4500K, a pure-white 5500K, and with a slight tinge of blue at 6500K.

Precisely-set capsule through the use of an updated hollow alignment frame at the base, quartz glass shell and plentiful Prax-Air halide salts all work together to give the Morimoto bulbs the performance our customers demand.


While D4S headlights sure are eco-friendly due to their mercury-free composition, they dont exactly have the best track record for reliability. However, The feedback and warranty records from our customers suggest that Morimoto XB35 D4S bulbs fare better than average!



  • Bulbs: Morimoto XB35 D4S HID (Pair)
  • Warranty: Two Years
  • Misc: Alcohol wipes (to clean bulbs before use)


  • Lamp Size:D4S
  • Lifetime (Hours):2500
  • Rated Lifetime:2500 HoursRated Wattage:35W and 55W

    Kelvin and Lumens (35W)

  • 3K Range: Golden Yellow (~3000 lm)
  • 4K Range: Warm White (~3200 lm)
  • 5K Range: Pure White (~3300 lm)
  • 6K Range: Cool White (~3200 lm)
  • With 55w Ballasts: (+20% Lm) (-1000K)


  • Headlights: D4S Only
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  • Cross-Compatibility
  • Toyota / Lexus PN: 0981-20024 / 9098120024