D2S: PHILIPS 85122

HID Bulbs

Philips 85122+ : The industry standard by which all other D2S bulbs are measured! Original-Equipment in many modern luxury cars, they're good enough to please anyone.

As our best selling OEM D2S bulb, the Philips D2S series offers a great mix of lumens, precision, and longevity to their output.

The 85122+ bulbs are known for retaining their intensity for years and resisting color-shifting, so they remain in a "like-new" state for longer.

Note that Philips has discontinued the "+" from this bulb's part number, so depending on the manufacturing date of the bulbs you receive, they may or may not show that.




  • 2x: Philips 85122/85122+ D2S Bulbs
  • 2x: Alcohol pads (to clean bulbs before use)
  • 2 Year Warranty



  • Lamp Size:  D2S (P32D)
  • Rated wattage:  35W (OK if higher)
  • Retrofits:  Mini D2S, FX-R, EvoX-R, TL, TSX, RX-AFS, Many more
  • Replacements:  Subaru, Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche etc.
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Rated Lifetime:  2000 hours (5-8 years)
Color:  Warm White
Kelvin:  4300K
Luminosity:  3200 (estimated)