Festoon: GTR Canbus LED (31mm) (Red)
Festoon: GTR Canbus LED (31mm) (Red)
Festoon: GTR Canbus LED (31mm) (Red)
Festoon: GTR Canbus LED (31mm) (Red)
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Festoon: GTR Canbus LED (31mm) (Red)

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Bulb: 1x 31mm Red Festoon GTR Canbus LED Bulb

Warranty: 1 Year

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GTR Lighting 31mm CANBUS Festoon LED Bulbs: Perfect for interior dome lights, license plate lights, and anywhere on your vehicle.These LED bulbs will replace any 31 - 33mm Festoon dome light bulbs. These LED bulbs will replace DE3175, DE3022, 3175, 3022.

CANBUS Compatible: These bulbs have a built-in CANBUS integration circuit to work with any vehicle. If your car uses a CAN-BUS monitoring and control system for your original festoon bulbs, these will be a plug and play replacement install.

Intensity: 175lm

Power: 2.2W

Current: 185mA @ 12V DC

CROSS-COMPATIBLE SIZES: 3022, DE3021, DE3022, DE3175, 13050, 6428, 6461

NOTE: Length within 1mm is OK