Adapter: 5202 Male > 9006 Female

Adapter: 5202 Male > 9006 Female

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Wiring Adapter: 1x 5202 Male to 9006 Female Adapter

Warranty: 2 Years

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Useful: Sometimes "this" just doesn't plug into "that" - When the industry standard for aftermarket lighting calls for mostly 9006 Female inputs, these adapters will come in handy.

Go Direct: If your vehicle's stock headlight circuit is strong enough to power ballasts without a relay harness, these are the perfect solution for non-9006 headlight systems since almost all HID ballasts require a 9006 female input.

Standard: These are standard equipment on all HD Relay harnesses which are sized for anything except for a 9006 input.


LENGTH: Approx. 6in / 150mm

INSULATION: Braided TechFlex

Connector 1: 5202 Male

Connector 2: 9006 Female

INPUT TYPE: 9006 Female

OUTPUT TYPE: 5202 Male