Sealed Beam: Morimoto Sealed3 (90mm / High Beam)
Sealed Beam: Morimoto Sealed3 (90mm / High Beam)
Sealed Beam: Morimoto Sealed3 (90mm / High Beam)
Sealed Beam: Morimoto Sealed3 (90mm / High Beam)

Sealed Beam: Morimoto Sealed3 (90mm / High Beam)

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Headlight: 1x Morimoto Sealed3 High Beam

Adjuster Kit: 1x Vertical / Lateral adjusters

Warranty: 2 Years

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Designed: As a standalone headlight, these 90mm LED projector housings are perfect for those who need a modern headlight, but have no pre-existing housing shell to mount them into. They are ideal as an LED Bus headlight. An LED RV headlight, and LED Tractor headlight, or an LED headlight for a custom kit car.

Beam Patterns: These are available with different optics to suit your vehicle's needs perfectly. You can choose from either a dedicated LED low beam, a dedicated LED high beam, or a combination lamp with low and high beam together.

Light Output: Is fantastic from the Sealed3 modules, and far superior to most alternatives in the same size range. The low beam model has a wide beam pattern with a proper distribution of light and a sloped LHD cutoff line (for use in N. America or other LHT countries) The high beam packs a nice punch and will put plenty of light down the road where you need it, and the combo Bi-LED essentially puts both of those beam patterns into one unit. They meet or exceed all DOT, SAE, and FVMSS108 standards for compliance.

Adjusters Included: Each module comes with three threaded aiming adjuster rods that snap into the housings. While you will need a fitting on the other side to mount them up, you would be able to create a fully adjustable system both vertically and laterally with the hardware included.

Quality: These 90mm Modules are IP67 rated for moisture resistance, their polycarbonate lenses are of OEM quality and will not fade or yellow for many years to come, and have a die-cast aluminum housing that's been powder-coated. The Bi-LED version has a 3-wire AMP input, and the low and high beam version use a more simple 12v +/- input that is very easy to wire up. They may not be inexpensive, but are among the best 90mm headlights in the world.

Material: Hard Coated Polycarbonate (Lens), PMMA (Projector Lens)

Input Voltage: 12-24V DC

Power: 19w

Intensity: 1,500lm (Raw)

Light Source: 1x Nichia LED

Current: 1.47A @ 13.2V DC

Compliance: IP67, Electromagnetic EMI

Fitment: 90mm Universal Standard

Compliance: ECE, DOT, SAE, FVMSS108