RQ Hardware: Subaru WRX (15-17) (Mini H1 7.0)-RQ200
RQ Hardware: Subaru WRX (15-17) (Mini H1 7.0)-RQ200


RQ Hardware: Subaru WRX (15-20) (Mini H1 8.0)

Regular price$70.00 CAD
Hardware: 2x RetroQuik Bracket (15-17 WRX), Mounting Hardware

Warranty: 5 Years

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Now sold Separately! For a long time, the RetroQuik brackets were only available as part of the full kits. After serving many requests to sell them separately, here we have it! Ask and ye shall receive.

Good Stuff: 100% Engineered in the US. Laser cut from automotive-grade G10 fiberglass. The Retro-Quik brackets at the heart of our RetroQuik kits are designed to adapt the Morimoto Bi-xenon projectors directly in place of the unsophisticated stock units. Using the original mounting holes paired with new hardware, they are the beauty behind the kit that makes it an easy install. You're welcome.

Whats Included: These brackets are designed to work with a variety of projectors. While they come with the hardware, they do not include the projectors - and ultimately it's up to you to make sure you've got the right gear to put it all together.

Material: G10 Fiberglass (Bracket), Stainless Steel (Hardware)

PROJECTORS: Morimoto Mini H1 (all generations)