PWM Modules: XTR (H7)-XD.H020
PWM Modules: XTR (H7)-XD.H020
PWM Modules: XTR (H7)-XD.H020
PWM Modules: XTR (H7)-XD.H020


PWM Modules: XTR (H7)

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Module: 2x XTR PWM Module (H7)

Warranty: 1 Year

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XenonDepot PWM HID Fix: The magic little box that you've been looking for if you're installing an HID kit or LED kit in a vehicle equipped with PWM (pulse-width-modulation) headlight technology.

What is PWM? Newer vehicles use PWM technology to increase bulb-life and reduce fuel consumption by sending a pulse of alternating voltages to the headlight bulb, as opposed to a stable 12V. Factory installed incandescent or halogen bulbs can handle this pulse system, as they won't dim before the next pulse of power is received. However, an HID kit / LED kit requires constant power, and will flicker like crazy if installed in a vehicle with a PWM headlight system. XenonDepot's PWM fix is specifically designed to ensure that your headlights don't flicker, and eliminate "lamp-out" error codes. We've tested this component on some of the most notoriously troublesome vehicles and the product works as designed! Unlike other "warning cancellers" or "anti-flicker" components (that won't do the same thing as this product), XenonDepot's PWM fix is not polarity sensitive; so installation is literally plug+play, without having to worry about whether a capacitor is going to explode - trust us, it's not fun!

35W Compatible: XenonDepot's PWM system is designed to work with our 35W Xtreme HID kit, as the ballasts are low-draw, and completely safe to run from the OEM wiring. It eliminates having to use a fused relay harness and additional resistors (which get extremely hot). It makes installing an HID kit in PWM vehicles 100% plug and play, and ensures your XenonDepot HID lights function as they are meant to. You'll also be able to safely use these models with our Xtreme LED headlight kits. In some cases, vehicles that are equipped with proximity lighting or auto headlights, may experience an intermittent brief fault (that will quickly correct), if the voltage supplied from the OEM headlight harness does not provide enough power to ignite the ballasts during start-up. However, a split-second later once the alternator starts producing power (after cranking), the error will disappear and the lights will function normally error-free. Also, it cannot be used in conjunction with DRL (Daytime running lights) if your vehicle *shares* the same low-beam bulb as the daytime running light.

Confirmed Fitments: 2006 - 2012 Ford Fusion - Xtreme HID Kit, 2012 - 2015 Jeep Grand-Cherokee - Xtreme HID kit & Xtreme LED Kit, 2014 Jeep Cherokee - Xtreme HID kit & Xtreme LED Kit, 2015 Chrysler 300 - Xtreme HID kit & Xtreme LED Kit, 2015 Dodge Charger - Xtreme HID kit, 2015 Jeep Cherokee - Xtreme HID kit & Xtreme LED Kit, 2015 RAM 1500 & 2500 - Xtreme HID kit, 2016 Chrysler 200 - Xtreme HID kit, 2016 Jeep Cherokee - Xtreme HID Kit, 2016 Jeep Grand-Cherokee - Xtreme HID Kit, 2016 Porsche Boxster - Xtreme HID kit, 2016 RAM 1500 & 2500 - Xtreme HID kit.

Length: Approx. 10in / 254mm

Material: Molded Plastic, Hard Potted

INPUT: H7 Male

OUTPUT: H7 Female

FITMENTS: Universal for vehicles with "Bulb Out" warnings