Relay Harness Input Only: XTR HID (9003/H4)
Relay Harness Input Only: XTR HID (9003/H4)

Relay Harness Input Only: XTR HID (9003/H4)

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Wiring: 1x (One) XTR HID Relay Harness Input Only(H4/9003)
*Relay harness NOT included*

Warranty: 1 Year

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Quality Harness: Sealed relays, sealed fuses, copper connectors - buy the best HID kit relay harness for your vehicle. Some vehicles require the installation of a relay harness when upgrading to an HID kit as a result of can BUS technology. If your vehicle's fog lights are strobing like crazy after an Hid kit installation, pick up XenonDepot's specially designed "HID kit Relay harness" to solve the craze!


XTR HID Relay Harness: Get the complete 2 pack harness here.


FITMENTS: H4/9003 Factory Connections Only