2X: Profile SuperStrips (24in / 60cm length)

2X: Sealed End Caps

2X: End Cap Clips

2X: End Cap Tops

2X: Mounting Screws 

Stickers NOTE: LED Strips are sold separately


FINALLY: We can't even begin to count the number of times we've had to correct a customer who intended to buy Profile LED strips and mount them externally. Sir, you can't actually do that without ruining the strips. We can't even begin to count the number of times we've scoffed at those horrid white silicone LED strips too. Finally, a product from Profile that puts both problems to bed.


WEATHERPROOF: The SuperStrips are designed to provide a shell for Profile LED strips that's suitable for external use. Their flanged end-caps are augmented by spring loaded clips to create a design that's completely unique to this product. Where the wiring passes through the end cap, we do recommend adding silicone sealant to that opening. Once assembled they're completely sealed and therefore capable of protecting the LED strips from the elements, no matter where they're mounted.


SUPER SILICONE: The strips are super flexible both vertically and laterally. Their smoked color provides a neutral-when-off look but amazingly doesn't compromise the intensity or color of the LED strips inside. A lot of time was spent perfecting the silicone recipe for the SuperStrips, and it shows.


VERSATILE: The strips are only sold in one length (24 in/60cm) but can be cut to the perfect length with nothing more than scissors, making them compatible with all lengths and versions of Profile LED strips: both Switchback and RGB! Use them inside headlights as a superior alternative to generic silicone tubes, or externally to build a DRL or underglow system.


ASSEMBLY: Push the LED strip into the housing and then slide both compression clips onto the body of strip. Push the solid end-cap onto the side without wiring, and feed the wiring through the open-end cap. Tighten both clips between the flanges on the end caps. Screw the assembly onto the surface of your vehicle, snap on the top caps, and call it a day!

Compatibility/ Tech Specs
Tech Specs


MATERIAL: Profile SuperSilicone

COLOR: Smoked

END CAP MATERIAL: Injection molded plastic

END CAP CLIPS: Spring loaded steel

LEGNTH: 24in / 60cm

NOTE: We recommend adding silicone to the wiring opening in the end cap!



LED STRIPS: Profile Prism and Pivot

LENGTHS: Up to 24in

STYLES: RGB and Switchback