TSX-R Clear Lenses

Clear Lenses

By far the most popular clear lens from TRS, the TSX-R is renowned for its versatility. It's ability to transform and strongly improve the output on a wide range of low beam and bi-xenon projectors is unmatched.

In the past, the clear lenses taken from the 04-05 model Acura TSX projectors were the "standard" for most 2.5" lens swaps. Today, The TSX-R lenses have taken their place as the most universally applicable lens on the market.

In HIDplanet comparison tests, the TSX-R lenses have proven themselves against other popular [also hard to find and expensive] OEM lenses such as the E30, S2K, and TSX as a perfect way to enhance the aesthetic and performance appeal of your beam pattern.

Adding a set of clear lenses to your projector retrofit should be a "no-brainer". Not only are they an inexpensive upgrade, but they allow the projectors to perform to their maximum potential in every aspect.



  • 2x TSX-R Clear Lenses
  • Spacers:  By Request
  • Warranty:  Lifetime


  • Diameter:  2.5 inch
  • Focus Heigh:  24mm
  • Popular Projectors:  FX35, G35, G37, LS430, RX-AFS, S2K, SC430, STi


  • Central Intensity:  Improved
  • Beam Width:  Improved
  • Light Distribution:  More Uniform


  • Cutoff Sharpness:  Much more definition
  • Colorband:  More vibrantly colored
  • Color Flicker:  Blue/Aqua/Purple (depending on distance & viewing angle)


  1. 1. The upper light cutoff line emitted from your projectors will be much sharper and more defined.
  2. 2. There will be a blue/purple band of colorful light added to the upper light cutoff, which will greatly exaggerate that exotic color flicker effect emitted from the headlights as seen by oncoming traffic. (no need to fake the look anymore with cheesy high kelvin bulbs)
  3. 3. The actual light output itself will be marginally brighter and wider since the 100% optically clear lens allows more light to pass through it compared to the original fresnel/foggy glass lens.