28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-dd0044p
28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-dd0044s
28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-dd0044q
28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-dd0045p
28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-dd0045s
28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-dd0045p
28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-dd0049p
28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-dd0049s
28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-dd0049q
28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-dd0048q
28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-
28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics-


28mm SMF2 LED Bulb Diode Dynamics

Sale price$14.00 CAD
Quantity: One, Two or Four
Warranty: 3 year warranty

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28mm SMF2 LED Features

  • Direct replacement for factory 28mm festoon bulb
  • Increased output with LED appearance
  • Plug and play, simple installation


Design. The 28mm SMF2 LED bulb is a direct replacement for any 28mm-size bulb, commonly found in vanity mirror lights in many vehicles. Populated with two 5050-size SMDs, the SMF2 upgrades the factory yellowish incandescent bulb to a more modern LED appearance, while adding far more total light output than the factory bulb. The SMF2 was designed with an embedded load resistor and implanted diode for superior reliability. With its durable metal terminals, it will fit snugly in the socket, and its light weight means it won't vibrate loose over time. 

Reliability. Unlike other bulbs on the market, this bulb is built with constant-current circuitry, along with transient suppression. That means this bulb will last for years, not months, with no flickering or failure. And like every Diode Dynamics product, it's backed by an industry-leading three-year replacement warranty.

Brightness. With 24 lumens of true, measured output, the SMF2 LED will provide about double the total light compared to your original 28mm-sized bulb. All Diode Dynamics LED lighting is rated with accurate, measured lumen figures, not calculations or guesses. We test the true output in-house, and provide you the real numbers to compare.


Colors. In addition to vibrant colors of blue, red, amber, and green, the SMF2 is available in a cool white 6000K and warm white 3000K option as well. Whether you want a modern cool white appearance, or a traditional warm white color, we have the color to fit your need!

Measured Lumens: 24
Beam Angle: Omnidirectional (270 degrees)
Power (watts): 0.42
Operating Voltage: 9-16V
Current (amps @ 13.2V): 0.032
Polarity: Polarity Specific
Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
Connector(s): OEM-Size Plug and Play

Bulb Size: 28mm Fuse
Application: Vanity Mirror Light