HD LED Halos 100mm/130mm (Four)Diode Dynamics-
HD LED Halos 100mm/130mm (Four)Diode Dynamics-
HD LED Halos 100mm/130mm (Four)Diode Dynamics-dd2272
HD LED Halos 100mm/130mm (Four)Diode Dynamics-
HD LED Halos 100mm/130mm (Four)Diode Dynamics-
HD LED Halos 100mm/130mm (Four)Diode Dynamics-dd2271


HD LED Halos 100mm/130mm (Four)Diode Dynamics

Regular price$300.00 CAD

Two (2) 100mm LED halo rings
Two (2) 130mm LED halo rings
Four (4) waterproof drivers
Four (4) input wire pigtails
Eight (8) T-tap connectors
Installation guide
Warranty: 3 year warranty

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  • Proprietary durable phosphor coating, for uniform solid appearance
  • Multi-function PWM drivers, fully waterproof, featuring low power, high power, and turn signal modes
  • Extremely bright, high-density LEDs that are visible even in direct sunlight
  • Integrated mounting tabs for easy installation
  • Assembled in USA


HDHalo Technology. These HD LED halo rings have been designed from the ground-up to be absolutely the brightest, most reliable halos physically possible. Each halo is populated with a large number of high-density (HD) LEDs, which are then coated by a diffusing gel, resulting in a perfectly uniform light when turned on. When off, the diffusing gel hides the chips, resulting in a clean, OEM appearance.

Sizing: All sizes are listed by outside diameter, in millimeters. Width is 8mm, so inside diameter is 16mm less than outside diameter. Total height is 4.5mm.

Mounting: The halos must be custom-mounted in position using adhesive or beading wire using the integrated mounting tabs. If you wish, mounting tabs may be removed with a pair of clippers or basic sanding. The halos can be modified if needed to fit certain applications. Up to 20% of the halo can be removed using side-cutting snips and still remain fully functional. Click here to learn more: Cutting HD Halos and Strip video.

Wiring: All wires have a durable braided wire covering. The LED has a 20-inch wire with female JST type connector. This connector may be de-pinned in order to run wires through small holes during installation. Both the input and output wire on the driver are also 20 inches each. A pigtail is included that is also 20 inches, with male spade connectors on the end to connect to factory wiring with included T-taps. You will have plenty of room to run wires anywhere you'd like.

PWM Control: Aside from the high brightness and perfectly uniform output, one great feature of these halos is the integrated multifunction PWM dimming control. The drivers have four wires, to be connected to any 12V signals as follows:

White: White Low Power, 50% brightness
Red: White High Power, 100% brightness
Yellow: Amber Signal, double brightness, flashing (dims if powered more than two seconds)
Black: Ground

All input wires activate the halos, at different brightness levels. All switchback halos ship with "low" priority drivers. This means that if both "low" and "high" power inputs are powered, the LED will light up in white, with low power level. This is convenient for connecting the red wire to a parking light or DRL signal, for use during the day as a high-power DRL. Then, if the white wire is connected to the headlamp power, they will dim down at night. If the yellow wire is powered at any time, the halo will light up in amber color, intended for signaling. If you'd like to use amber all the time, no problem! It will dim automatically if powered for more than two seconds, to keep it safe.

This entire setup allows you to connect the halo directly as a multifunction lamp, without any external controllers needed. Of course, this is completely optional. You can just use one or two of the input wires if you'd like.

Amber High White Low White Amber High White Low White Amber High White Low White
50mm 250 lm 160 lm 90 lm 5.5W 2.9W 1.9W 410mA 215mA 135mA
60mm 350 lm 200 lm 115 lm 6.2W 3.2W 2.1W 470mA 250mA 150mA
70mm 390 lm 260 lm 150 lm 7.9W 4W 2.4W 600mA 310mA 190mA
80mm 400 lm 265 lm 150 lm 7.9W 4.1W 2.5W 600mA 310mA 190mA
90mm 580 lm 380lm 200 lm 10.4W 5.3W 3.1W 790mA 410mA 240mA
100mm 580 lm 380 lm 200 lm 10.4W 5.3W 3.1W 790mA 410mA 240mA
110mm 600 lm 400 lm 250 lm 13.5W 6.8W 3.8W 1A 520mA 290mA
120mm 610 lm 410 lm 260 lm 13.5W 6.8W 3.8W 1A 520mA 290mA
130mm 720 lm 420 lm 260 lm 15.8W 6.9W 3.9W 1.3A 550mA 320mA
140mm 720 lm 420 lm 260 lm 15.8W 6.9W 4.0W 1.4A 550mA 320mA
150mm 790 lm 440 lm 260 lm 15.8W 7.0W 4.0W 1.4A 550mA 320mA
160mm 790 lm 440 lm 260 lm 15.8W 7.0W 4.0W 1.4A 550mA 320mA
185mm 700 lm 600 lm 240 lm 14W 11W 5.5W 1.1A 780mA 390mA

    Operating Voltage: 9-16V
    Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
    Connector(s): JST Inline Connectors, T-Tap Inputs
    Driver Dimensions: 2.5" x 1.38" x 0.88"


    Note: Depending on the installation location and proximity to other electronics in your vehicle, this product may cause radio interference at certain frequencies.