9006 Extension Cord (12in)
9006 Extension Cord (12in)

9006 Extension Cord (12in)

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Wiring Extension: 1x 12in 9006 Extension Cord (9006M to 9006F)

Warranty: 2 Years

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Extend: some extra length to the outputs of your harness for your HID Ballasts or high beam solenoids with these 9006 Male >9006 Female extension cords.

Oversized: If you're retrofitting a big truck or mounting your ballasts in an unconventional space - a universally sized relay harness may not have the length you need. Here is the answer.

Universal: 9006 Male inputs to 9006 Female outputs with 12 inches (30cm) of 14 gauge wire in between, then protected in a heat-resistant TechFlex mesh for an factory-look.

Sealed: metal pins with rubber grommets on both ends ensures the longevity by keeping moisture out of the connections.


LENGTH: Approx. 12in / 300mm

INSULATION: Braided TechFlex

Connector 1: 9006 Male

Connector 2: 9006 Female

WIRING: 9006-Type Connections

HALOGEN BULBS: Compatible up to 55w