Interior LED Kit for 2014-2022 Toyota Corolla
Interior LED Kit for 2014-2022 Toyota Corolla
Interior LED Kit for 2014-2022 Toyota Corolla


Interior LED Kit for 2014-2022 Toyota Corolla

Sale price$63.00 CAD
Two (2) 194 License Plate Light Bulbs

Two (2) 194 Front Map Light Bulbs

One (1) 31mm Dome Light Bulb

One (1) 194 Trunk Light Bulb

Two (2) 194 Vanity Light Bulbs

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  • Add a modern cool white appearance.
  • Increased output with LED bulbs.
  • Includes LED replacements for all interior incandescent bulbs.
  • Plug-and-play simple installation.


Increase your light output and add a modern appearance to your vehicle with our Interior LED Conversion Kit compatible with Toyota Corolla! Factory interior lighting leaves much to be desired with a dated appearance and lackluster performance. By replacing your outdated halogen bulbs with LEDs you'll give your vehicle a more modern appearance and significantly increase the output of your interior lighting.

Modern Appearance. The LED bulbs included in this kit feature a 6000K true cool white output without any blue - just like factory installed LEDs. This provides a serious upgrade in the overall appearance of your interior when compared to the factory halogen bulbs. All Diode Dynamics LED bulbs are tested in-house so you know you're getting consistent performance.

Brightness. This kit is available in two levels of brightness Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 1 gives your interior an ultra-modern appearance while providing a slight increase in output compared to your factory lighting. Stage 2 steps things up with a significant increase in overall light output throughout the interior.

Plug-and-Play. The LED bulbs included in this kit feature plug-and-play connections for simple installation. Our bulbs are not constructed with cheap connectors so you don't have to worry about them coming loose and falling out. Simply remove your factory bulbs and these will fit right in place! Two plastic trim removal tools are included to assist with installation. If any bulb does not light up when you turn it on simply remove the bulb rotate it 180 degrees and reinstall.

Operating Voltage: 9-16V

Connectors: OEM-Size Plug and Play

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