Lens: STi-R-LS30
Lens: STi-R-LS30
Lens: STi-R-LS30
Lens: STi-R-LS30
Lens: STi-R-LS30
Lens: STi-R-LS30


Lens: STi-R

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LENS: 2x Sti-R

Warranty: Lifetime Limited

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Heavy Hitter: Using the JDM Subaru STi projector lens as our performance benchmark for 3" Koito Bi-xenon Projectors, we were able to bring that hard-to-find performance to the masses with Morimoto 100% optically clear STi-R lenses.

Hard to Beat: When using these Morimoto projector lenses on the family of 27mm focus Koito bi-xenon projectors listed in the compatibility section below - the aesthetic appeal and raw performance of your retrofit will be hard to beat.

Jap-Spec: It is very common for many modern Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Subaru, Nissan, and Mazda vehicles with 2.5" factory projectors to come with the projector that's compatible with the STi-R Clear Lens. If you're unsure, feel free to ask! (H7, H11, D2S, and D4S are all common bulb sizes in these projectors)

No Brainer: Adding the STi-R Clear Lens to your OEM headlights or projector retrofit with OEM projectors should be a "no-brainer". Not only are they an inexpensive upgrade, but these Morimoto projector lenses allow the projectors to perform to their maximum potential in every aspect.

Size Matters: When picking out a pair of clear lenses, such as the STi-R Clear Lens, it's not about which model is "best" - it's about compatibility. The diameter AND focus height of the lens are both very important.

DIAMETER: 73.5mm


CLARITY: 100% Clear Morimoto Kuria Optics

FORD: 2013-17 Mustang

NISSAN: Murano Bi-Xenon, 350Z Bi-xenon

LEXUS: LS460, RX350 Bi-Xenon

PORSCHE: 997 Bi-Xenon


TOYOTA: 2010+ Prius, 2014+ 4Runner, 2016+ Tacoma

OTHERS: Any 3in projector with 27mm focus