Lens: Mazda3-LS50
Lens: Mazda3-LS50
Lens: Mazda3-LS50
Lens: Mazda3-LS50


Lens: Mazda3

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LENS: 2x Mazda3

Warranty: Lifetime Limited

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Old School: Back in the day we used to have these very same lenses in stock as a regular item. Due to popular demand, these have returned to the shelves for all the boys and girls needing them for supreme night time performance. #vintage.

Mazda 3s and Sonatas: Coincidentally, these lenses work on the 1st-gen Mazda 3 (OEM HID or OEM Halogen, both compatible!) and the 2010-2014 Hyundai Sonata stock projectors. While a retrofit on either vehicle is almost impossible to pull off, a clear lens swap is a sure fire way to improve your lighting.

No Brainer: Adding a set of clear lenses to your OEM headlights or projector retrofit with OEM projectors should be a "no-brainer". Not only are they an inexpensive upgrade, but they allow the projectors to perform to their maximum potential in every aspect.

Size Matters: When picking out a pair of clear lenses, it's not about which model is "best" - it's about compatibility. The diameter AND focus height of the lens are both very important.



CLARITY: 100% Clear Morimoto Kuria Optics

MAZDA: 3 (2004-2009, OEM HID or OEM Halogen)

HYUNDAI: Sonata (2010-2014)

OTHERS: Any 3in projector with 33mm focus