Morimoto XBT Controller Power Harness-LED153H-2


Morimoto XBT Controller Power Harness

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Wire Harness: 1x XBT Controller Switched Power Harness

Warranty: 2 Years

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Power Up! The perfect power harness for your Morimoto RGB Rock Lights, Halos, or other accessories! This harness provides a turn-key solution that delivers switched 12V to the Morimoto XBT Bluetooth controller without risking a drained battery or lights that are always on. If you are running Morimoto rock lights or other color changing accessories powered by the XBT Controller, it’s a must have!

Build Quality: You don't compromise on the lights you choose for your build, so why compromise when it comes to power delivery? These harnesses are made to OEM specs. They feature 16AWG wiring, that's protected by high quality techflex mesh insulation, a high quality fuse tap, and an aluminum push-button mechanism. All in all, a quality piece at a bargain compared to what you would pay sourcing the same materials and building it at home.

Fuse Box Seal: Since the input is designed to go inside of a sealed fuse box, the harness has an integrated O-ring to keep moisture out of the box. Rather than crushing the wires between the two halves of the box and jamming it shut, you can drill a hole, insert the flanged O-ring, get the wiring out, without letting moisture in!

Connections: On the input side: Two sizes for Micro and Mini fuse taps along with a ground terminal. On the output side, the proper barrel connection to power your Morimoto XBT Bluetooth controller. The harness is controlled by a latching push-button, intended to be mounted inside your vehicle.

12V Power: Micro or Mini Fuse Tap

Output: Sealed Barrel Connection for LED153 Controller

Switch: CNC Machined and Illuminated M Logo

Switch backlight: Amber LED

RGB Controllers: Morimoto XBT RGB LED153 (Not Included)

On/Off Switch: Universal fitment in dash/console

Vehicles: All with fuse box in engine compartment