Reverse Light Wiring Kit (w/ running light)
Reverse Light Wiring Kit (w/ running light)


Reverse Light Wiring Kit (w/ running light)

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One (1) Universal Wiring Harness
Ten (10) Zip Ties
Two (2) T-Taps

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Warranty: 3 year warranty

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Powers Diode Dynamics lights with backlight functionality.
Connects to vehicle wiring for simple, everyday operation of lights.
High capacity 14AWG & 18AWG wiring.
Dual Deutsch DT output connectors.
10A waterproof fuse to safeguard the electrical systems in your lights.


Easy Operation. This wiring harness allows you to connect your Diode Dynamics lights with backlight functionality to your vehicle's wiring for simple, everyday operation. When paired with our LED pods with a white main beam and red backlight, this harness allows your lights to operate as an additional red accent light, with your tail lights, and then automatically switches to a high-power backup light when your vehicle is in reverse. The included toggle switch allows you to override the vehicle signals and turn on the main beam anytime.

This harness safely powers up to 5A of auxiliary lamps per DT connector. Please refer to the current draw data below.

C1 Sport: 1.2A
C1 Pro: 1.7A
SSC2 Sport: 0.6A
SSC2 Pro: 1.75A
SS3 Sport Main Beam: 1.1A, Backlight: 0.03A
SS3 Pro Main Beam: 2.7A, Backlight: 0.03A


Operating Voltage: 9-16V
Wire Size: 14AWG & 18AWG
Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
Connector(s): Deutsch DT Input
Unit Weight (lb): 2.5
Product Weight (lb): 2.5
Shipped Weight (lb): 3

Compatible with SSC1, SSC2 & SS3 pods