SS3 Replacement Front Bezel-DD6367s
SS3 Replacement Front Bezel-DD6369s
SS3 Replacement Front Bezel-DD6368s
SS3 Replacement Front Bezel-DD6370s


SS3 Replacement Front Bezel

Sale price$14.00 CAD

One (1) replacement front bezel,
or Two (2) replacement front bezels
Four (4) HW0059 Screw Torx M4x0.7 8mm Button SS w/ Nylon Patch T10 Drive (McMaster: 90991A121)

Warranty: 8 year warranty

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SS3 Replacement Front Bezel

  • Allows you to change the front bezel of your SS3 pod/pods.
  • Includes four torx-head screws.
  • Durable powdercoated aluminum construction.


Easy Swap. These replacement bezels allow you to change the front bezel of your SS3 LED Pod! Choose from four different designs to change the look of your SS3 LED Pod. Four torx-head screws are included with your order to make swapping out your bezels easy. Simply remove the four screws from the back frame, set your new bezel in place, and reinstall the screws.

Warranty. Diode Dynamics Stage Series LED lighting comes with a 3-year replacement warranty, as well as an 8-year limited warranty. If you choose to disassemble and replace the front bezel on your SS3 pod, you still keep your 8-year limited warranty intact. However, we may require the light to be sent in for any service and repair, rather than immediate replacement.


Product Dimensions: Standard, Round, Angled, Flush


Materials: Powdercoated Aluminum


NOTE: If you would like to swap out the bezel on a flush-mount pod, you will need an SS3 Universal Bracket Kit in order to mount your pod with the new bezel.