SSC1 LED Headlight Kit for 2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro
SSC1 LED Headlight Kit for 2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro
SSC1 LED Headlight Kit for 2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro
SSC1 LED Headlight Kit for 2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro
SSC1 LED Headlight Kit for 2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro
SSC1 LED Headlight Kit for 2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro
SSC1 LED Headlight Kit for 2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro
SSC1 LED Headlight Kit for 2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro
SSC1 LED Headlight Kit for 2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro
SSC1 LED Headlight Kit for 2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro


SSC1 LED Headlight Kit for 2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro

Sale price$1,050.00 CAD

Two (2) Polaris RZR Headlight Wiring Harnesses
Two (2) Polaris RZR Headlamp Brackets
Two (2) C1 SAE White Fog LED Pods
Two (2) C1 Sport or Pro White Wide LED Pods
Two (2) C1 Sport or Pro White Spot LED Pods

Quantity: Two (2)
Warranty: 8 year warranty

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  • Direct replacement for the factory headlights on the 2020-2023 RZR Pro.
  • Increased light output, with more functionality.
  • Plug-and-play, bolt-on installation.
  • Highly durable powder-coated stainless steel bracket and polycarbonate lenses.
  • Engineered and assembled in the USA.



Introducing the Stage Series C1 LED Headlight Kit for the 2020-2023 Polaris RZR! This bolt-on, plug-and-play headlight kit allows you to mount six SSC1 LED Pods in place of the factory headlights. Using three highly functional beam patterns, this kit gives you a significant increase in light output over the stock units with more functionality. Constructed using highly durable powdercoated stainless steel and polycarbonate lenses, this kit was built to withstand whatever you throw at it! 

More Usable Light Output. The pods included in this kit were chosen specifically to improve your visibility while driving at night. The SAE Fog pattern and Spot pattern combine to create a highly-functional low beam, while the Wide pattern gives you more fill light when the high beams are activated. This combination provides ideal light output for off-roading at speed or slowly exploring terrain.

SAE Fog pattern provides an extremely wide field of view, with high-intensity output over an entire 98-degree spread. It meets the SAE J583 standard as a Foglamp, for legal on-road use and will fully illuminate the area in front of your vehicle to help cut through inclement weather.

Spot is an unmodified pattern, shining focused light directly from the TIR optic. The result is a highly-focused 7-degree beam of light, perfect for directing light far into the distance. 

NOTE: The Pro Spot uses a slightly larger emitter which spreads the light output more than the Sport Spot, resulting in a lower candela and lux rating even at a higher power level.

Wide pattern is perfect for general illumination. It spreads light a full 50 degrees, but keeps a tighter 20-degree vertical spread. It has a slight punch, but still fills out the area. 

Focused. Traditional optics like reflectors or simple lenses lose light internally and to glare, so not all of the light shines on target. Instead, the custom-engineered TIR optics in the Stage Series C1 LED Headlight Kit collect all of the light from the LEDs, and direct it only where you need it, drastically reducing glare and improving total efficiency. Click here to learn more: Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Optics | Stage Series Video.


Stage Series C1 Beam Patterns

From there, while other options on the market lose as much as 10% of the light output shining through an outer lens, the custom-molded TIR optic in the included SSC1 LED pods serves as both the optic and main lens for greater efficiency and light output (patent pending). Thanks to this innovative feature, when coupled with high-intensity LED chips, the total intensity of the SSC1 is much greater than other LED pods using basic optics or reflectors with a standard outer lens.

White. The Stage Series C1 pods included in this kit have a cool white main beam. The white is a 6000K color temperature, which is a true cool white output.

Backlight Functionality. The SSC1 pods in this kit include a distinctive amber backlight feature. The backlight fully illuminates the TIR optics, providing unique accent lighting that you won't find in other Polaris RZR Headlight Kits on the market. This allows you to maintain the factory DRL functionality!

Interchangeable Lens. Need a different beam pattern or color? You can swap it yourself! We offer replacement lenses that allow you to change the color or optic of your Stage Series C1 Pods.

Sport or Pro. Stage Series C1 LED Headlight Kits are available at two different power levels. Both kits come standard with an SAE Fog pod, but the spot and wide optics are available in Sport or Pro power levels. Both options use high-intensity LED emitters, and TIR optics for unmatched focus and overall output. However, the Pro option uses a higher amount of total power. 

Bolt-on Fitment. All Stage Series C1 Headlight Kits feature plug-and-play harnesses that plug directly into the factory headlight connector and the CAD-designed brackets in the Stage Series C1 LED Headlight Kit bolt right in place of the factory headlight. No cutting or drilling is necessary! 

Proven Durability. All Stage Series lighting has been extensively tested for long-term operation from -40 to 185 degrees F, along with vibration, moisture intrusion, and corrosion testing. All of these tests are completed to SAE standards, just like factory components. They've also been put to the test on-road by racers and enthusiasts alike.


NOTE: This kit is compatible with the following models:

RZR Pro XP - Sport, Premium, Ultimate 2020-2023
RZR Turbo R - Sport, Premium, Ultimate 2022-2023
RZR Pro R - Premium, Ultimate, Troy Lee Designs 2022-2023

Application: Hi/Lo Beam
Make: Polaris
Model: RZR Pro
Years: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Main Beam Power (watts): Sport: 12.8, Pro: 19 Backlight Power (watts): 0.3
Main Beam Current (amps @ 12.8V): Sport: 1, Pro: 1.5
Backlight Current (amps @ 12.8V): 0.024
Measured Lumens: 2,300 lm Intensity (cd): Wide: 5,400 cd, Spot: 23,000 cd
Color Temp (CCT): 6000K
Beam Angle: Wide, 100°x8°, Spot, 6°x6°, Fog, 98°x9°
Power (watts): Main Beam: 19, Backlight: 0.3
Operating Voltage: 9-16V
Current (amps @ 12.8V): Main Beam: 1.5, Backlight: 0.024
Polarity: Polarity Specific
Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
LED Emitter: Cree XHP50
Connector(s): Deutsch DT Input
Driver Features: Constant Current
Materials: Polycarbonate Lens, Aluminum Casting, Rubber Gasket
Cooling: Passive, Pin-Fin heatsink
Compliance Ratings: SAE J575 Durability Test
Intrusion Ratings: IP67 Weatherproof
Unit Weight (lb): 3.2
Product Weight (lb): 6.4
Shipped Weight (lb): 10